Manufacture of stainless steel sheets, coils and plates

Founded in 1990, Milesi specialises in the production of stainless steel and counts itself an international leader in the manufacture of stainless steel sheets, custom and commercial width strips, bars, and plates. The company supplies various different industries and is in a position to satisfy any type of need and quantity.

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Manufacture of stainless steel sheets, strips and foils cut to any size

In order to satisfy growing market demand for customisation, Milesi employs the best machinery, particularly its cutting and polishing machinery, when producing its stainless steel sheets so that it can supply products in custom, non-standard sizes.

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Whether small or large quantities, custom or standard orders, Milesi offers a reliable, professional and quality service to all customers, at home and abroad. The company’s flexibility is what allows it to handle each and every order with the same level of precision, offering a cutting-edge service that still represents excellent value for money.

Custom measurements and a variety of finishes

From laminated to satin finish, rigidized, and Scotch Brite steels, we guarantee each customer quality materials that meet the physical, mechanical and technical requirements of the finished product

Custom Sheets

Milesi is able to manufacture of stainless steel sheets in various thicknesses, from 0.3 mm to 3 mm. Cut and polished in-house.

Custom Bars

From 300 x 300 mm to 1520 x 3000 mm, Milesi will cut your bars to the size you need.

Custom Strips

Milesi cuts strips from 30 mm to 1520 mm, offering a broad range of custom options while ensuring precision, speed and safety.

11,000 sq.m. of covered and 17,500 sq.m. of total stainless steel storage