Milesi has been developing in-depth knowledge in the sector of sheet metal work since 1990 and supports clients with their important aim of scrap stainless steel recycling so that it can become a fruitful resource for the environment and your wallet. Certified quality, professionalism and preparation at each stage of the work are the starting point on the road to client satisfaction each day.

Scrap Stainless Steel Recycling

Milesi has been at the service of companies looking for an expert partner in steel sheets since 1990 and, over time, it has become a real reference to perfect recycling the scrap stainless steel waste resulting from industrial, craft and commercial activity. We strive towards economic and environmental goals each day as we recover end waste and head towards scrap stainless steel recycling to prevent it ending up being classified as general waste and being sent to landfill indefinitely without being recovered. Not only is scrap stainless steel valuable from an economic perspective, but scrap stainless steel recycling makes it possible to limit exploitation of the planet’s resources, use them better and mitigate our mining activities as far as possible, since they contribute to consuming what remains. Milesi specialises in tailor-made sheet and coil cuts and products, but it is also careful to recover waste pieces in its capacity as an operator authorised to manage and transport return material. That is to say, the company is able to recover production waste from clients who provide it for collection and want to contribute to recycling the scrap stainless steel resulting from their subsequent processing so that raw materials are not squandered. Specialised methods, trained operators and exemplary bureaucratic procedures are essential to correctly following the scrap stainless steel recycling procedures throughout all their stages. That is why Milesi has chosen to obtain the necessary authorisations according to law to offer clients a linear route and accompany them with utmost professionalism and reliability. With the help of transport experts, waste from production activity is collected and recovered with regular filling out of the forms provided for by law, by which the waste material and its weight are recorded at the starting point and confirmed at the destination.
This type of process for scrap stainless steel recycling allows complete protection for clients so they can pursue an environmental objective which may be important for the market, as it is becoming increasingly attentive to companies that make ethical choices. The collection, removal, transport and all the other stages of scrap stainless steel recycling, as well as all of Milesi’s activity, are part of the quality policy that the company has always pursued and which led to its obtention of ISO 9001:2015. Its experience of over thirty years, its in-depth knowledge developed throughout all stages of material production and manufacturing, customer service and awareness of the current market allow Milesi to respond quickly and efficiently to clients’ requests from manufacturing tailor-made materials to the final stages of scrap stainless steel recycling. The company is quick to step up to the future challenges of the sector and is well-aware that seriousness, professionalism and technical competence will always be fundamental to better approach every step.