Stainless steel trade

Milesi has been recognised as one of the chief points of reference for stainless steel trade on the international market since 1990. The quality of its production of stainless steels, and the extent and versatility of the materials it has available for a wide range of different product sectors, are the crowning achievement of the company, which is also distinguished by its complete professional customer support services.

Leader in stainless steel trade

A specialist of stainless steel trade for over 30 years, Milesi is a strategic partner for companies seeking not only a prompt and professional supplier, but also a flexible and innovative consultant able to propose tailor-made solutions in full compliance with the customer’s needs and standards required. From stainless steel strips to panels, from coils to sheet metal, Milesi offers a vast and heterogeneous selection of products for the stainless steel trade. It also has an advanced machine inventory for making materials customized in terms of both size and finish. 

All machining, such as cutting and straightening, as wells as the silking, rolling or Scotch Brite treatment surface finishes, is performed in-house and is subject to scrupulous quality control in every production stage: from raw material selection up to management of the stainless steel trade logistics. Milesi is also able to satisfy any type of job order, whether large quantities or urgent requests, as well as totally customized productions. The modern and organised company structure makes it possible to meet orders with utmost promptness and precision in order to

always guarantee a trade service at the best quality to price ratio. Total transparency, attention to detail and to the needs of every single customer, punctuality and availability make Milesi a reliable and qualified partner for stainless steel trade in the food, textile and chemical-pharmaceutical industries, in the furniture and household articles sector, and in the field of steel structural work and mechanics.