Milesi’s historical roots date to 1990, and its core business is the recovery and trade of stainless steel scraps. The experience it has gained over the years places the company on the cutting edge in an international market that demands dynamism and a high standard of quality.

Stainless steel scrap recovery

Milesi is authorised to store and recover stainless steel scraps coming from the processing waste of industrial, handicraft and commercial businesses with an authorised fleet of vehicles in compliance with the legislation of reference. The processing of the scraps performed by Milesi closes the processing circle, giving these materials the possibility to become “non-waste” ready to be sold for reuse to steelworks and foundries. In this way, the recycling and reintegration course of the metals is optimised. Today Milesi has become a proper reference point not only for recovery of stainless steel scraps, but also for the stainless steel trade. One of the core businesses of Milesi is the collection of stainless steel scraps (AISI 304, 316 and 430), the most common found in today’s production market. Whether they are scraps of industrial processing or scraps of new or used pieces coming from reconstructions, demolitions or other work, Milesi accompanies its customers professionally and always reliably. The teams of expert carriers will go directly to load the materials for stainless steel scrap recovery at the facility of the customer company with safe and appropriate vehicles equipped with the necessary authorisations in accordance with the law. They will then issue a copy of the waste identification form (FIR in Italy) with the weight to be checked at destination and once arriving at the place of storage. They will weigh the material and enter the measured data on the form that will later be sent to the recipient. Milesi has ISO 9001:2015 certification and a serious Quality Policy. With these company choices, it distinguishes itself in the sector of providers of services for recovering stainless steel scraps owing to its experience, attention paid to the environment and the safety with which it handles every processing step. During the entire stainless steel scrap collection, pick-up, transport and recovery cycle, Milesi follows a strict protocol of checks and analyses to pursue and guarantee customer satisfaction over the years. At the same time, special attention is paid to the aspects of sustainability and environmental impact reduction. A large degree of importance is given to the quality of the materials recovered, to their cleaning and to the controls so that they are free of contamination and radioactivity. To this regard, stainless steel scrap recovery is a service that completes the entire customer support cycle: from the supply of the raw material to its collection in the form of scrap, and on to its storage and resale to the steelworks. This last step offers the recovery of stainless steel scraps a true service so the non-ferrous raw material returns to life, in this way finding a new application after being remelted. In fact, stainless steel is a totally recyclable material that can be used several times in a myriad of fields. It can therefore be said that stainless steel scrap recovery is a business that fully protects the environment because stainless steels can be regenerated, the exploitation of environmental resources can be reduced and the energy used to produce new stainless steel is decreased. Stainless steel scrap recovery is a business that Milesi has been carrying on for over 30 years with seriousness, professionalism and considerable technical expertise. To rely on this company with its demonstrated know-how is a guarantee of high specialisation in pursuit of an even higher objective, that of a really effective and controlled circular economy!