Stainless steel sales

With its indoor and outdoor floor space totalling a good 17,500 sqm, Milesi has a large warehouse for stocking and handling goods, so that even the most urgent job orders of stainless steel sales can be met in real time. A vast assortment of high quality stainless steels always available in trade sizes and under immediate delivery around the world is guaranteed.

Stainless steel sales under immediate delivery

In addition to its production and supply of customized sheet metal, coils, panels and strips, Milesi is also specialised in the sale of stainless steel under immediate delivery. Thanks to its tested organisation of in-house logistics and the advanced technological equipment of its plants, Milesi is indeed a point of reference for Italian and international companies for the sale of stainless steel in standard sizes and under immediate delivery, available all the time and even in large quantities. The stainless steel sales service is distinguished by utmost punctuality and precision, guaranteed by the long-term collaboration of the most qualified national and international carriers.

The assortment of materials under immediate delivery in stock includes stainless steel sheet metal, coils, panels, straps and strips used in a multitude of product sectors. Its headquarters in Brescia, modernised in 2016 in order to best meet the demands of an increasingly evolved and specialised market, has machinery and instruments for storing and handling latest generation goods that together with the skills of its highly qualified and constantly trained personnel, ensure that every job order is carried out with promptness, safety and precision. Every step of handling and transport also for the sale of stainless steel is carefully controlled according to strict in-house protocols in order

to preserve the quality and properties of the handled materials. The mission of Milesi is to offer products marked by top performance and long life at competitive prices. Milesi has always operated focussed on the customer’s needs and on meeting the agreements reached.