Milesi’s broad offer includes top-quality stainless steel available in a range of shapes: sheets and foils, strips, coils and reels, bars and plates, in both standard commercial sizes and made-to-measure sizes to meet the customer’s specific requirements. The variety and high production standard of the firm’s stainless steel coils, sheets and strips has distinguished it from its competitors, offering the perfect finished product for a vast range of applications.

Quality stainless steel coils, from chemical industry to food and carpentry.

Whether standard or custom, Milesi’s products are used by a whole host of industries around the world. Many major international companies already make use of the Italian firm’s stainless steel, coils, strips, sheets and plates. Milesi’s stainless steel can be found in the food and dairy, chemical and pharmaceutical, and furniture and furnishings industries, as well as carpentry and mechanics.

Made to measure

The custom service offered by Milesi covers: stainless steel sheets from 0.3 mm to 10 mm; plates and bars measuring from 300 x 300 mm to 1520 x 3000 mm; cut strips and stainless steel coils from 20 mm to 1520 mm.


Cold laminated
With matte or glossy finishes, to meet a range of both technical and stylistic needs.

Coils in Acciaio Inox , Milesi

Hot laminated
Milesi provides hot laminated products.

Coils in Acciaio Inox , Milesi
produzione lamiere in acciaio inox, Milesi Sr

Satin finish
Unidirectional finish made using an abrasive pad that scrapes the surface and removes small bits of material. Available in different grit sizes depending on the intended roughness of the finished product.

fornitura lamiere in acciaio inox, Milesi

Scotch Brite
By brushing unidirectionally, parallel to the length of the sheet, the stainless steel is buffed but without the removal of any material, guaranteeing a compact, smooth finish that is slightly reflective.

produzione lamiere in acciaio inox, Milesi

1F (1D)






BA (2R)


Scotch Brite



Special finishes

Milesi’s versatility and attention to its customers’ needs is also clear from the broad range of finishes and surface treatments available. This allows it to offer a completely custom stainless steel product, with the dimensions and aesthetics required, as well as the mechanical, physical and other special properties needed for the product’s end use.