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Milesi is the ideal partner to provide consultancy, product supply, pre-sale and after-sale customer care for companies of any size, in any sector. The stainless steel sheets, as well as the coils, plates, strips and reels supplied by the Italian company stand out for the quality of the raw materials, their excellent performance over time, and their competitive price. They are therefore the best choice for small and medium businesses seeking precision and reliability, as well as for international manufacturers needing large quantities and a custom service.

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In order to offer customers the greatest care and attention, Milesi provides access to its data sheets for the stainless steel sheets, strips, bars and foils it produces, ensuring maximum transparency. Click the link to find out more about the company's range and access all of the details on tolerances, finishes, mechanical properties and chemical compositions.

Stainless steel sheet

Stainless steel sheet sales. Milesi has been the ideal partner for the sale of stainless steel sheet, coils, straps, strips and spools for over 30 years. The stainless steels produced by the Brescia-based company in fact distinguishes itself owing to its meticulous selection of raw materials, outstanding performance over time and also its competitive prices. This means that it is most highly recommended choice for both small/medium-size companies seeking high-precision, very reliable stainless steel sheet and large international manufacturers that require large quantities and custom services. From the food and cheese sector to the textile industry, from the

chemical-pharmaceutical field to furniture and household articles, not to mention applications in steel structural work and the mechanical industry,  the productions in standard and customized sizes of Milesi meet the needs of companies around the world owing to the large assortment of different products in terms of weight and mechanical-physical properties, which make them ideal for a multitude of uses. The supply of customized, made-to-measure steels includes stainless steel sheet from 0.3 mm to 3 mm and different special finishes such as cold-rolled, hot-rolled, satin-finish steels, stiffened steels, steels treated for abrasion that are distinguished by their different degrees of corrosion resistance, hardened steels for rolling, Scotch Brite treatment and the availability of additional finishes upon request.

Discover the stainless steel strips and sheet. In the perspective of ongoing customer care and service that has always distinguished the company, Milesi makes available the technical data sheets of its production of stainless steel sheet, strips, panels and sheets as part of its policy of transparency and direct communication with its customers. Thanks to its in-depth expertise in the world of stainless steels, the company’s staff is also always available to provide specialised advice to its customers.

Click the links to learn more about the company’s offer of stainless steel strips and sheet, and to get all details on tolerances and finishes, mechanical properties, recommended applications and chemical composition.